Wellness at Sezz Saint-Tropez
Summer is here and with it the promise of long evenings by the pool amid olive trees as you enjoy a refreshing fruit cocktail after an afternoon at the beach. In short, it’s time to relax and fully enjoy those memorable moments. Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez invites you to enjoy the beneficial effects of a new range of massage treatments offered by the Spa Payot – a place of peace and relaxation.

The tonic effect of the golf ball

It was during a visit to Florida that Joëlle Guillemot, founder of the spa care brand Omnisens, discovered the use of the golf ball as a massage accessory. Seduced by it, she refined the concept and created a particular expertise that was enhanced by oils and massage techniques. Today it is a particularly pleasant and relaxing treatment that acts like a tonic, and it is now available to guests of Hotel Sezz, Saint-Tropez. Charlene, the spa manager, gently draws the Spa-Ball over each part of your body. Oils are placed in its hollow base to enhance the treatment and the movements provide complete rotation. The result : total relaxation. Fragrant sweet almond, cotton and green tea oils are used to promote happiness, muscle relaxation and olofactory pleasure. massage-balle-de-golf

The pleasure of a silk scarf

You’ll feel wonderful, free, and totally relaxed during a silk scarf massage at the hotel’s Payot spa. More than a care treatment, this is a complete ritual that takes you on a sensory journey. You’ll return feeling completely soothed and totally sublime. The privacy and serene atmosphere of the spa lends itself perfectly to this ritual, and deliciously scented sweet almond and camellia oils will start your Reflets de Soie treatment. Smooth, of the Payot Spa team will give life to the silk scarf as it flutters over your legs or back, alternating each movement with manual massage techniques for a unique feeling of comfort and tranquillity. As a finishing touch, your face will be gently powdered ; a perfect complexion for a fully restored and rested body. massage-reflets-de-soie This summer, take a relaxing break for your wellness at Sezz Saint-Tropez. In the heart of one of the most popular tourist towns on the Cote d’Azur, you will stay in an establishment that embraces Zen and relaxation. The Sezz offers you the chance to indulge in special moments of complete relaxation and well-being in two beautifully designed and refined treatment rooms at its Payot spa haven. Equipped with a jacuzzi, steam room and with the possibility of attending yoga classes, the Payot Spa is the perfect place to care for and fully pamper your body !


Sezz Saint Tropez, a luxury 5 star design hotel in Saint Tropez

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