The Summer Ball in Saint-Tropez launches the summer season

This year, the Summer Ball will take place from June 15th to 17th in Saint-Tropez. Put on your most beautiful dress, your most elegant outfit and come and join the party during your summer stay at the Sezz Saint-Tropez.


A popular dance for the Bravade

Although Saint-Tropez is a place of art, culture and tradition, in spring and summer it offers a lighter and more festive facet. At this time of year, the resort is brimming with attractive events, such as the old provincial tradition of the Bravade of June 15th, which is also called the Bravade of the Spaniards in commemoration of a battle that took place almost four centuries ago. On June 15th, 1637, 21 Spanish galleys tried to take the port by storm. Although outnumbered, the Tropezians managed to fight off the enemy. It is in memory of this heroic act that every year since then this small Var port has marked the anniversary of the now-famous Bravade of the Spaniards.


Two days of festivities

The programme of the two-day summer ball promises to be rich and varied. It will count on Lollapalooza, a traveling American music festival, originally underground. This festival, considered the largest in the world, travelled the United States and Canada every summer from 1991 to 1997. The other nights will be animated by other festivals like Coachella Mood Wild Wild South, Woodstock or Glastonbury, the famous British festival.

Book your stay today at the Sezz Saint-Tropez for a musical and summer getaway on the coast.

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