The Boutique des Canebiers in the Spa; Fashion and Wellbeing combined

The luxurious Spa Sezz by Payot in the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez invites you to relax, rejuvenate and experience a profound sense of wellbeing via a complete range of body and beauty treatments. Then, after a soothing session, you can take the opportunity to discover items from the Boutique de Canebiers, on sale at the spa.


Relaxing Moments at the Spa

After a day at the beach, as the finale of a pleasant afternoon, or indeed at any time of the day, let yourself be tempted by the prospect of blissful moments of softness, calm and luxuriousness. A haven of relaxation and wellness, the Spa Sezz by Payot invites you to take it easy and enjoy a range of facials, massages and body and beauty treatments that will balance you physically and mentally. The services offered at the spa are based on unique concepts and innovative products. The spa offers a Jacuzzi, a hammam, two treatment rooms and, to complete the experience, yoga classes (sunset & sunrise).


Instant shopping at the Spa

During your visit to the spa, you shouldn’t miss the items from the Boutique des Canebiers that we sell on site. The Canebiers shop has become part of the St Tropez DNA. This young local design house, launched in 2015 by the designer Maxime Cotte, is today surfing the wave of success with its collections inspired by the history of this world-famous resort and, more particularly, the icons that frequented it in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Here you can find the spirit of Bardot, Romy Schneider and Alain Delon and the ‘St Trop’ stamp, with bikinis à la Bardot, one-piece swimsuits, embroidered shirts and tunics, ponchos, belts, shorts and colourful, ultra-light chinos... The clothes of the Boutique les Canebiers breathe summer. Chic and stylish, they suit the city as well as the beach! Enjoy your stay at the Sezz and be tempted to add to your wardrobe...


Sezz Saint Tropez, a 5 star luxury and design hotel in Saint Tropez

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