Saint-Tropez: Summer fashion capital

Legendary beaches, a dream location, plus an undeniable air of elegance and glamour are just some of the many charms that make Saint-Tropez so undeniably fashionable. In fact, fashion is flourishing in the village and you’ll find shops dedicated to ready-to-wear, haute couture and jewellery lining its quaint streets.  Beautiful materials, cut or colours, each boutique competes to capture that certain frivolity that is so deliciously Tropézienne!


Give in to temptation

No need to bring multiple bags for your stay at Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez. You’ll find luxurious linen robes, branded sunglasses, dazzling swimwear and gorgeous Tropéziennes sandals that adorn your feet like no other. Bracelet or luxury watch, chic clutch bag, or beach hat; everything you need to give vintage, glamorous or chic bohemian outfits that finishing touch. Saint-Tropez certainly deserves its reputation as a cult fashion location. The shops of the old town and along the waterfront have carefully selected the most alluring pieces; stylish dresses, chic beach robes for relaxing, or little tops that are perfect for lounging on the terraces of the more upscale restaurants.


Create your own style

You won’t find big designer names here but lovers of beautiful clothes will find lots of unique and exciting pieces.  Several houses are located here including Nikki D'Oggi for elegant and subtle linen garments or the workshops of Rondini and K Jacques who have been creating the famous traditional Tropeziennes sandals since 1927 and 1933 respectively. And since we are talking of the traditions of St. Tropez, let us tempt you with a delicious detour; the St. Tropez tart is a mellow and fragrant marvel, a wonderful concoction of orange blossom, light as air custard, and cream that is utterly Tropézienne!



Sezz Saint Tropez, a luxury 5 star design hotel in Saint Tropez

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