Our Environmental Initiatives: Recycling Operation

Regularly, we share information about our environmental commitments. We are aware of the significant impact of tourism on the planet, and it is essential for all stakeholders to take action to minimize it. Today, we highlight our concrete actions at the heart of Hotel Sezz for waste recycling.


Establishing Good Foundations

As commonly heard, the best waste is the one that is not produced. In this spirit, we have changed our habits for several years, thereby influencing yours to some extent! For instance, we prioritize glass bottles, and our staff uses reusable water bottles with access to water fountains. In general, we have eliminated single-use items. Our teams have been trained by the services of the Community of Communes to learn the proper recycling practices. We have also implemented distinctive recycling bins, and composters will soon collect organic materials from the kitchen.


The Significant Efforts of Chef Colinet's Brigade

Chef Colinet of the Michelin-starred restaurant Colette within Hotel Sezz has long embraced a zero-waste approach. He values every part of the ingredients used to minimize waste. Non-noble parts of fish, for example, are used to create delicious broths, vegetable peels add flavor to broths or are transformed into surprising dishes. In the kitchen, the recycling bins are strategically placed to simplify the brigade's work and automate recycling. Additionally, Chef Colinet cultivates citrus fruits, aromatic plants, and edible flowers in Sezz's planters. Undoubtedly, the contribution of composters will be welcome!


Far from greenwashing, reducing our environmental footprint is a daily concern for the Hotel Sezz teams, and waste recycling is fundamental but not the only aspect of our commitment. Help us to continually improve in this area!


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Sezz Saint-Tropez, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Saint-Tropez

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