Our ecological approach continues ...

We have already told you in these pages about the actions that the Sezz team has adopted to reduce our ecological footprint. As we all know, the hotel industry and its single-use products generate enormous amounts of plastic. This is why your Hotel Sezz tries in ways both great and small to reduce our use of these pollutants as much as possible. Here is our latest initiative ...


Plastic-free flip-flops

We know that you’re delighted to find in your room and in the hotel Spa these very soft and cosy slippers, sandals or flip-flops which we provide for your comfort and convenience. But did you know that the plastic soles of this footwear is a form of waste that can take hundreds of years to break down? That’s why the Sezz team has engaged the services of a supplier that opts to bio-source its products: Merveyl. For 25 years, the Merveyl company has supplied hotels with high-end personalised products. Today it has taken a virtuous path via its I’M GREEN collection.


A lesser-known virtue of sugar cane

Beginning with the 2022 season, whenever you’re hanging out in your room or relaxing in the Spa, you’ll be able to put on Merveyl flip-flops that are made of sugar cane fibre. Sugar cane is, of course, a renewable material that absorbs CO2 throughout its growth. Its fibres create a resistant, recyclable material that is ideal for the sole of your flip-flops. What’s more, they are so soft and comfortable that you won't notice any difference from the flip-flops you are used to.

At the Hotel Sezz, we believe that every environmentally aware action counts. We have already done away with plastic pens and disposable plastic bottles and opted for carefully selected eco-friendly hygiene products. Now, we have placed our trust in a renowned company, Merveyl, and its I’M GREEN initiative for our flip-flops. And this is definitely just the start!



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