Once upon a time - the legend of Saint Tropez

Married forever to the Grande Bleue, the small Var port lies in the shelter of a mythical bay. Azure water, fine sand, Provençal tradition, beach culture - today, Saint-Tropez is a symbol of holidays and upscale relaxation. It is in this beautiful jewel case that the Sezz chose to settle. A place fed by a legend – let us explain…


Let us tell you the legend of Saint-Tropez

On April 29, AD 68, Caius Torpetius (Torpes), a brilliant officer and steward of Nero, was tortured and beheaded in Pisa for his refusal to abjure his Christian faith. Torpetius paid the ultimate price for having openly proclaimed his confession at a party organised by Nero in honour of the goddess Diana. The head of Torpetius was gathered up by the inhabitants of Pisa and embalmed and a chapel was dedicated to him before the remains of the tortured man were placed in a boat with a cock and a dog. The boat set sail from the mouth of the Arno and was carried out to see by the Ligurian current. It drifted for days before it finally beached on the shores of the present gulf of Saint-Tropez. In the 11th century, the peninsula and its surrounding lands were owned by the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Victor in Marseille. The monks built a chapel in honour of the Saint Martyr and named it "Ecclesia Sancti Torpetis". Thus, Torpetius or Torpes gave his name to the famous little Var port. There is also a trace of this legend in the name of neighbouring villages such as Cogolin which translates to "Petit Coq" and Grimaud which means "Old Dog".


Sezz Saint-Tropez, a hotel unlike any other

The Sezz also has a story to tell. After founding a luxury city hotel, the Sezz Paris (Sezz for 16th arrondissement and “zz” to signify the sound of a well-deserved sleep) in 2005, Shahé Kalaidjian, yielded to the "desires of the south ". Five years later, he chose the Saint-Tropez peninsula to create a place of charm and serenity - 35 cocoon rooms and two suites, plus two villas with swimming pools in the heart of a woodland setting where nature reigns. Now, the Sezz is known for its unique personality, its welcoming warmth, its air of calm and peaceful elegance and discreet luxury.


Sezz Saint Tropez, a 5 star luxury and design hotel in Saint Tropez

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