New partnership with Acqua di Parma: welcome to Blu Mediterraneo!

To provide appealing scents for the Hotel Sezz, we long since chose to collaborate with the prestigious Italian brand Acqua di Parma, a true flagship of Italian luxury and elegance. The company’s yellow collection has served us well for many seasons but this year we decided it was time for a change while still remaining loyal to the brand. Thus, we have chosen to offer you the brand’s Blu Mediterraneo range.


The story of a perfume and a savoir-faire

Acqua di Parma has acquired more than a century of savoir-faire in the design of original perfumes. Born from the passion of one man, Baron Carlo Magnani, this great brand combines the finest raw materials, floral, mineral or aromatic, to create emblematic fragrances. Among them we find the evocative scents of Italy, including lemon, orange, and bergamot, as well as lavender, rosemary, and verbena... It is this distinctly Mediterranean DNA that the Hotel Sezz team want to help you discover by offering the Acqua di Parma ranges.


Blu Mediterraneo, the obvious choice

Available in the form of several products such as perfumes, diffuser, and soap, Blu Mediterraneo is a range of fragrances that takes you to the heart of Italy. With scents of fig, Fico di Amalfi; orange, Arancia di Capri; by way of chinotto, Chinotto de Liguria; and bergamot, Bergamotto di Calabria, you’ll be carried away by exquisite sensations. Each has its own strong and distinctive personality, but all evoke vivid impressions of Italy and Provence.

Fragrances are known to be powerful memory triggers, helping to generate an atmosphere that conjures up our happiest experiences. A symbol of Italian excellence, Acqua di Parma is a brand with which we share many values. There is no doubt that its Blu Mediterraneo range will be your welcome companion during your stay with us and long after...



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