Musical summer nights at the château

Every summer for the last 44 years, music has accompanied the first nights of August at the Château de la Moutte ... of which the Sezz Saint-Tropez is proud to be the partner. The opportunity to experience superb concerts in an exceptional setting is offered every night from August 3rd to 14th.


Between sky and sea

Let's talk setting first. Imagine a small château, venerable palm trees, pink laurels and colourfully blooming flowers. Below lies the Mediterranean and its murmuring waves, above is the celestial vault illuminated by a sea of stars. In front of the château’s facade the sense of anticipation mounts. The audience is seated on chairs or relaxed on the grass ... The pianist flexes his fingers and raises his hands … It’s time to begin!


A rich and varied programme

This Saturday, August 3rd, flamenco is featured with the flamboyant Eduardo Guerrero, the brilliant dance prodigy, accompanied by his guitarists and singers. A dazzling opening for a festival that will have a wealth of highlights. For this year's edition, comedian Charles Berling will be telling us the story of The King Who Did Not Like Music, Daniel Lozakovich and Vladimir Spivakov will perform a Bach concerto for two violins and orchestra, and the pianist Alexei Volodin will be accompanied by Henri Demarquette on the cello for a Brahms scherzo, a Chopin polonaise and other delights.


And to make your musical summer complete

Organist and singer Rhoda Scott will bring a jazz vibe to the evening of August 12th with her 6 musicians. Then pianist Thomas Enhco and singer Cyrille Aimée invite you to follow them by the sea for an irresistible night of Jazz à la Plage (Jazz at the Beach).

How can you resist? The facade of the castle is illuminated, a light breeze caresses your shoulders, and the song of the cicadas is silent as the first notes glide towards you ... Let yourself go, it's summer in Saint-Tropez and you’re swept along by the music.



More information:

- Nuits du Château de la Moutte

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