Musée de l'Annonciade and Corso Fleuri: Bring on the colour!

Saint-Tropez wakes up from its winter torpor by embracing colour! The “Acquisitions, donations: The Enrichment of a Collection” exhibition until April 17, 2017, is a retrospective of the Annonciade Museum’s most beautiful collections while the Corso Fleuri of Bormes les Mimosas on February 26th is one of the year’s most colourful parades. The Sezz Saint-Tropez invites you to put a note in your agenda for these two not to be missed events in the legendary Var port.



Exceptional works in a Tropezian setting


The small Museum of the Annonciade was installed in an old chapel and it’s already 60 years old. It’s one of the most interesting museums dedicated to paintings of the coast. At the start of the 20th century, our famous Var village was an active centre for the artistic avant-garde. It was frequented by the greatest masters such as Matisse, Cross, Derain, Bonnard, Marquet, Dufy and Vlaminck, to name but a few. Six decades after its inauguration, the Annonciade presents an exhibition that takes stock of the collections it has built up over recent years. The exceptional quality of these collections is the result of the rigorous selection of works that illustrate exceptional skill and research into colour. The Annonciade is therefore proud to have enriched its collection with paintings by Signac (L'Orage 1897), watercolours by Vuillard, and works by Maillol and Verdihan that pay tribute to Provençal Fauvism as well as masterpieces like Delaunay’s Woman With Umbrella (1913).



Corso de Bormes, one of the oldest and most beautiful village festivals


Don’t miss the Corso Fleuri of Bormes Les Mimosas, an amazing explosion of flowers in the heart of winter! The tradition began in 1920; it’s the oldest festival in the village and it has been passed on from generation to generation. The Bormaeans secretly prepare the plans for the chariots which will be decorated with fresh flowers and mimosas for months in advance.  You can have the pleasure of attending the next edition on Sunday 26, February in the heart of the medieval village. It will bring together about fifteen floats, musical groups and local associations during a parade through the alleys of the old village. Bormes les Mimosas will don its finest attire for a colourful event which is once more sure to be magnificent and truly exceptional.


Photo credit : © Morgane Auffret - Mairie de Bormes les Mimosas


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