Meet Christophe Ponceau - Part 2 : The uniquely verdant atmosphere at the Sezz Saint-Tropez

The Sezz Saint-Tropez opened its doors in July 2010. Although born from the imagination of Shahé Kalaidjian, the hotel also owes its special soul to two talented men: Christophe Pillet, interior designer, and Christophe Ponceau, outdoor magician. A few weeks ago we talked to Christophe Ponceau about the birth of the Sezz gardens. Now let’s discover more about how the gardens and their unique atmosphere have developed over the last six years.


What is the special touch the gardens bring to the Sezz?

It is a true verdant setting that Christophe has conceived, and the gardens are designed to define the boundaries of the establishment. In addition, each guestroom has its own garden, its own setting, its own world and its own signature flora. This is also what makes each sojourn at this remarkable hotel uniquely special.


What has changed in 5 years?

Since the original garden design was laid out at the Sezz the plants have thrived. After more than 5 years the gardens have matured and the initial visual objective has been achieved. The garden is being developed, and the vegetation needs to be trimmed regularly. Indeed, the plants have each taken on their desired form and help to shape the garden, maintaining a coherent universe that is exquisitely designed, yet full of inviting warmth.


What is his favourite plant in the gardens he designed for the Sezz?

The garden was designed as a landscape of multiple environments. Each of the guestrooms, like the spa, have their own vegetation. The plants are brought together in truly different ways and many combine their verdant loveliness to bring a natural charm to the various areas of the hotel and its grounds. So Christophe finds that he cannot choose a particular favourite. The key still lies in the combination of warm tones such as yellow, white and orange. Although the worlds may differ while changing rooms, the consistency lies in the choice of lush and luxuriant plants. The choices of Christophe Ponceau have helped to create a strong identity for the Sezz Saint-Tropez, and we hope that you enjoy your stay in the heart of these warm, welcoming and typically Mediterranean gardens.



Sezz Saint Tropez, a luxury 5 star design hotel in Saint Tropez

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