Luxurious Comfort under the Saint-Tropez Sun: The New Sun Loungers at Hôtel Sezz with Mattresses by Mousses Étoiles

In its ongoing quest for excellence and comfort for its guests, Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez is proud to present its new sun loungers equipped with high-end mattresses provided by Mousses Étoiles, the French leader in sun lounger mattress manufacturing. This complete renewal of our sun loungers promises an unparalleled relaxation experience under the brilliant Côte d'Azur sun. Discover how this initiative combines design, comfort, and durability to transform moments of rest into true luxury pauses.

A Guarantee of Quality and Comfort

The new sun loungers at Hôtel Sezz, equipped with mattresses designed by Mousses Étoiles, are the result of high-end French craftsmanship, ensuring exceptional quality and comfort. With its renowned expertise, Mousses Étoiles uses top-quality materials that withstand outdoor conditions while offering unmatched support and softness. These mattresses promise our guests moments of absolute relaxation by the pool, enveloped in total serenity.

An Eco-Friendly and Elegant Approach

This initiative also illustrates Hôtel Sezz’s commitment to sustainability and elegance. By choosing Mousses Étoiles mattresses, we have opted for a supplier who shares our values of excellence and environmental respect. The sun lounger mattresses, completely renewed this year, are manufactured in compliance with the strictest ecological standards, thus offering our guests the luxury of conscious relaxation that respects our beautiful planet.

An Invitation to the Ultimate Relaxation Experience

By selecting Mousses Étoiles mattresses to equip its brand-new outdoor sun loungers, Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez reaffirms its commitment to comfort, luxury, and sustainability. This initiative reflects our desire to provide a superior relaxation experience, where every detail is designed for the well-being of our guests while respecting the environment. We invite you to experience unmatched relaxation, lounging on our sun loungers, where attention to detail and French quality unite to create perfect pause moments under the Saint-Tropez sun.


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