Les Canebiers and Bluemint at the spa boutique of the Hotel Sezz in Saint-Tropez

Although the design of your Hotel Sezz is more reminiscent of California than traditional Provence, due to its wood and glass architecture and palm trees, it nevertheless has a deeply Tropezian DNA. You will find this attachment to the history and culture of Saint-Tropez exemplified in our spa boutique by two emblematic brands: Les Canebiers and Bluemint.


Focus on Les Canebiers in our spa boutique

For your shopping pleasure, your Hotel Sezz first selected an emblematic brand of the resort: Les Canebiers. This typically Tropezian brand flourished alongside our coastal town in the 1950s. Since then, it has never ceased to convey the very essence of Saint Tropez; a unique blend of elegance and relaxation, femininity and authenticity. Shirts, shorts and combinations are available in high quality linens and cotton. The swimsuits, with their totally contemporary cuts and warm colours, are suitable for all body types. Ideal for a fashion-forward look that is as perfect for the beach as it is for the harbourside and café terraces.


Bluemint: Saint-Tropez menswear

This brand of menswear is not Tropezian in its origins, yet it nevertheless embodies the spirit of this world-famous resort on the French Riviera. In fact, the creator of the brand was inspired by his voyages in the Mediterranean and his fondness for the yachting scene to design collections that are both relaxed and refined. With its graphic or floral prints, warm colours, and impeccable cuts, Bluemint swimwear is a pleasure to wear. Discover many of its creations in the spa boutique of your Hotel Sezz.

In addition to the Cinq Mondes products used in our spa and sold in the boutique, your Hotel Sezz has chosen to highlight two iconic Saint-Tropez brands: Les Canebiers and Bluemint. We are waiting for you to enjoy a shopping spree in the spirit of Saint-Tropez!



Sezz Saint-Tropez, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Saint-Tropez

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