Experience the magic of Nights of the Château de la Moutte


Alongside the Saint-Tropez glitter and trendy parties there is a tradition of music and performance that was supported by the great names in the intellectual life of the 20th century. Discover this other side of Saint-Tropez and enjoy the magic of exceptional concerts during the Nights of the Château de la Moutte, a music festival that this year takes place from August 2nd to 11th ...


The Nights of the Château de la Moutte; pure enchantment

The magic of the place was born as a result of the marriage of the French statesman Emile Ollivier and Blandine, the daughter of Franz Liszt. The resulting dowry allowed this minister of Napoleon III to acquire this exquisite chateau on the bay, to which Wagner and other creative luminaries came looking for inspiration. It is now a registered historical monument owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral and the site continues to present outdoor concerts performed by some of the world’s greatest musicians. The setting, the atmosphere, the scents of the Mediterranean flora and the passion of the organisers all combine to lead you into a musical dream.


Your Nights festival

This year the Nights of the Château de la Moutte festival again offers an exceptional programme of performances in which eclecticism combines with mastery and all music lovers will find an event to their taste. You can book your tickets right now by phone or at the Office du Tourisme. Of course, the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez team will be happy to help you to arrange your evenings at the festival and show you how to get there.

Discover another side of Saint-Tropez, one which many consider to be more authentic, during the Nights of the Château de la Moutte festival. An unmissable event for anyone who loves to enjoy great music in an exceptional setting.

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