Ever more initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint

Aware of current environmental issues, the Sezz Hotel constantly seeks to limit its impact. Thus, our commitment to eco-responsibility involves both daily actions and more substantial initiatives. Here are a few we have implemented.


The initiatives you will see…

Throughout your stay, you will see that we are committed to adopting responsible and ethical behaviour with regard to the environment. For example, we carefully select the products and objects that we make available to you, our guests. In your room, you will be provided with free bottles of Lilii Water. This brand uses containers of cardboard packaging that is 100% recyclable, as are the bottle caps, which are made from sugar cane. When you go to the Spa, you’ll don flip-flops made of bio-sourced materials from the Merveyl brand. Finally, to get to the beach or head out on a city break, you can take one of our pair of 100% electric shuttles.


And some that you won't see...

But for the managers of the Sezz Hotel, eco-responsibility is not limited to what you, our guests, can see. We have taken some firm and decisive actions to limit our environmental footprint. For example, in our laundry service, we only use eco-responsible products with reduced impact. And these are kinder to your skin and better for your health, too! We have also joined the CLEAN THE WORLD program. In support of this, we collect and recycle all leftover soap, shower gel and shampoo. These items are then used by the association to help the poor.


Since its creation, the Sezz Hotel has been committed to acting in the best interests of the ecosystem and has thus aimed for excellence in terms of eco-responsibility. Through small gestures and big decisions, we work day after day to reduce the effect we have on the environment. You are invited to join us in this process!  


Sezz Saint-Tropez, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Saint-Tropez


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