At the Hotel Sezz, we opt for Made in France

Due to ecological concerns and to benefit from exceptional savoir-faire and quality, the Hotel Sezz and its Colette restaurant almost exclusively use Made in France goods. Here is an overview of the suppliers we have carefully selected.


Made in France in your room

You will probably pay little attention to them, but you will undoubtedly appreciate their quality: Made in France products are everywhere in your room at the Hotel Sezz. When it comes to bedding, helping to ensure you get a good night’s sleep are Hotelys mattresses; sheets from Garnier Thiebaut, a brand established in the Vosges since 1833; and duvets and pillows made by Tissage Denantes, a company dating back to the 18th century. Open the wardrobe and you will find hangers manufactured by ACTU CINTRES, a company passionately committed to caring for the environment.


Made in France for your well-being

At the Spa, too, we choose to rely on French savoir-faire. We have thus established a meaningful partnership with the Cinq Mondes brand. Moving on to the restaurant side of things, would you like some Henry Blanc coffee? If you appreciate the refined aesthetics of our tables, please note that our local tableware partner Biot, as well as Rovedo Ceramics, who produce our handmade in France ceramic plates, contribute greatly to the overall look. Finally, we have already told you about the commitment of chef Philippe Colinet of our starred restaurant Colette. His connections with the region’s artisans ensure he can prepare local and seasonal produce sourced via short supply chains, while valuing artisanal skills and remaining respectful of the environment. We are immensely proud of our exclusive partnership with market gardener Yves Ménard at the Jardin de la Piboule, and delight in the strawberries and mushrooms from the Serre du Plan and the oysters and shellfish provided by the Giol family of La Seyne-sur-Mer. Finally, we draw your attention to the name of our bar, the Dom Pérignon, where you can savour the finest champagne… French, of course!


Our desire to reduce the environmental footprint of our establishment is perfectly in accord with our commitment to offer you the best. Thanks to our policy of preference for Made in France goods, we have forged partnerships for the Hotel Sezz that bring the benefits of unique French artisanship and savoir-faire. 


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Sezz Saint-Tropez, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Saint-Tropez

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