Animals and men ... At the Museum of the Gendarmerie!

Or, to be more precise, and to give the new exhibition of the Museum of the Gendarmerie of Saint-Tropez its official title, "Animals and Stars".  A gallery of original, fun and endearing portraits by photographer Edward Quinn.


Sea, stars and pets

That's essentially the content of this wonderful exhibition of the work of the Irish photographer. During the 1950s and 60s, Quinn tirelessly roamed the golden sands and palm shaded pavements of the French Riviera meeting the most famous stars of the era. Many friendships were born of these meetings. There is a palpable sense of affection between the photographer and many of his models, and shots that radiate warmth and complicity perfectly illustrate the unique bond between the stars and their pets.


Brigitte, Juliette, Pablo, Alfred and company

Brigitte Bardot is there, of course, alongside Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, Juliette Greco, Pablo Picasso, Nathalie Wood and many others who played along. These iconic stars posed with their four-legged friends at home or on film sets, in hotels, at terrace bars and cafes, and on the beach. You'll meet Perro, Picasso's very affectionate Dalmatian as well as Kabul, his Afghan hound. Follow the footprints and pawprints along the walls to discover a dachshund belonging to ...? We'll let you guess that one! As for Grace Kelly, well her heart belonged to ...? Go along to this fun exhibition at the Museum of the Gendarmerie to find out for yourself!

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