A day by the pool

Designed in a very contemporary spirit that seeks to dissolve the boundaries between interior and exterior, the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez is organised around its magnificent swimming pool. This 200 m² of clear, heated water, shaded by palm trees and equipped with sunbeds offers a refreshing dip, privacy and comfort, so it’s not surprising that it is at the heart of hotel life and that you could be tempted to spend your entire day there…


Start your day by the water

Enjoy breakfast while anticipating a cool dip in the swimming pool. Gourmet and tasty, composed of fresh and local produce and sourced from artisans in the region, breakfast is offered on the terrace overlooking the swimming pool. Shaded by large white parasols, you can enjoy the sunlight dancing on the water and savour the scents of the Mediterranean flora. Having finished your first meal of the day, sit on a deckchair, or get comfortable on the sunbathing area in the middle of the water and simply relax. You can, of course, be served a hot or cold drink as well as a snack to last you until lunch.


Live in the moment

Lunch, a siesta in the sun, swimming… All the activities of the day take place serenely around the swimming pool. Intimate and refined, the Bar Dom Pérignon welcomes you at any time. For the aperitif, it offers a warm and friendly lounge atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying a glass of champagne or a signature cocktail. On certain evenings, live musical entertainment adds a jazzy and glamorous touch to the aperitif hour. Finally, come and dine at the restaurant Colette, where our chef, Philippe Colinet, invites you to enjoy an exceptional meal on the terrace overlooking the swimming pool…


Embrace the Mediterranean spirit and make the swimming pool area of the Hotel Sezz your own. Relish the relaxation and calm that provide a precious oasis in the heart of bustling Saint-Tropez!


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Photo: Agence Webcom

Sezz Saint-Tropez, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Saint-Tropez

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