20th anniversary of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez regatta!

We look forward to it every year, and every year the pleasure and excitement is just as great. Slicing through the turquoise waves, masts proudly erect, white sails slapping the breeze ... What are we talking about? The Voiles of Saint-Tropez, of course! This year the world-famous regatta takes place from September 29th to October 7th.


20 years already!

The 2018 regatta will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the event whose original approach from the beginning was to feature ultra-modern boats alongside classic craft. From the most traditional sailboats to the latest marvels of technology, there are more than 300 splendid yachts moored in the port of Saint-Tropez for over a week of sporting fun, thrills and excitement. Also on the programme are coastal walks, parades, musical entertainment, aperitifs and even a sardine festival! Not to mention the boat blessing ceremony and the famous regatta.


The spell of the sea

The moment is always moving. The first sight is dazzling; picture the sight of profiled hulls and white sails. You can already hear the lapping of waves, the music of creaking masts and slapping canvas. The aroma of brine in the air tickles your nostrils. You are there. Then comes the heart-stopping moment that is always a surprise as the boats move away from the land to plunge through the open sea. The age-old fear and fascination we all have for the sea fills you with an irresistible thrill.


A beautiful spectacle

Confronted with so much beauty, courage and elegance, you can only be swept up in the moment. Shout your admiration, offer your encouragement to those facing the primal elements, so beautiful and so dangerous at the same time. Cheer on your favourites, wave to these sporting gladiators as they take on both the surging waters and their well-matched opponents. The excitement is tangible, and you are there!

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