Happy anniversaries: 100 years of Payot and 10 years of Sezz!

It’s time to celebrate! Here we are marking our 10th spring in 2020 and our beauty partner Payot is blowing out its... 100 candles! Yes, it’s the brand’s centenary! These anniversaries are well worth a little party, with all the fun and excitement that go along with such joyous events!


100 years of eternal youth

You’re probably already familiar with Payot products, but perhaps not with the cosmetic brand’s history. The line still bears the name of its founder, Nadia Payot, who in 1913 was one of the few women in France to obtain a medical degree. It was by observing her acquaintance the star ballerina Anna Pavlova that Nadia perfected her famous 42-Movement series of facial exercises that is still performed in the best spas today. This was fundamental in establishing the basic principles behind the Payot brand when the company was launched in 1920!


Legendary products...

Crème n°2 and Nutricia skincare were developed in 1925 in Paris where Nadia set up her first beauty salon on the Rue Richepanse (today the Rue du Chevalier de Saint-Georges). Early success led to a move to larger premises at 10 Rue de Castiglione, just a stone's throw from the Place Vendôme. This was where the brand's flagship product, the timeless Pâte Grise, was developed. In 1937, the tireless, committed and enterprising Doctor Payot opened one of the first spas in France, followed ten years later by the first school of aesthetics.


...To (re) discover at the Sezz

Long-time partners, the Sezz Saint Tropez and the Payot cosmetics brand invite you to celebrate their anniversaries in the best possible way; with wellbeing, relaxation and beauty. Facials, scrubs, exfoliants, creams, milks, micellar waters, sunscreens, kits, bags and even facial treatments at the expert hands of our beautician… Discover all the benefits of this exceptional range created by a visionary woman who was ahead of her time!



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